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How to install and activate premium features?

Steps to Unlock Premium Features #

Install Everest Forms Pro #

Once you purchase any of our Everest Forms Pro plans. Simply log in to your account page and download the Everest Forms Pro zip file.

Install the downloaded zip file from your dashboard Plugins->Add New->Upload and activate the plugin.

Upgrade to Pro PopUp #

If you haven’t installed and activated the Everest Forms Pro add-on, you will see the following pop-up.

Activate Premium License #

Once you have installed and activated the Everest Forms Pro add-on, you will need to activate the license. Activating the license will let you install other required add-ons.

Note: Free version of Everest Forms need to be installed and activated in order for Everest Forms Pro to Work. You can download the free version from here.

Copy your license key from License Tab on your account page

Paste the license key and hit Enter.

Now once the Everest Forms Pro is installed. You can download and install any of the premium Everest Forms add-ons from your account page.

Install and Activate Add-ons #

Once, you have installed and activated Everest Forms Pro and entered the license key, you can activate the available add-ons on your plan.

Navigate to Everest Forms->Add ons Page. All the available addons will be listed on this page. If any add-ons are not available in your plan, upgrade the plan.

You can see the Install Addon button below each addon section. Click on the button and the addon will be installed.

If you don’t see Install Addon or find any addon missing, click Refresh Add-ons button.

Now you will see the Activate button. Click on the Activate button and the addon is installed. You can repeat the same for any other addon.

You can also install the addons manually. For this, you can manually download the addons zip file from your wpeverest account page. Once you download the zip file, go to Plugins->Add New ->Upload Plugin and upload the zip file. Once uploaded, install, and activate it.

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