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How to add Bulk Choices for Dropdown, Multiple Choice & Checkboxes Fields?

Now you can add multiple options for these fields at once. You can add the options in Bulk if you have a lot of them. The Bulk Choice Add feature will work for Dropdown Field, Multiple Choice Field, and the Checkboxes fields.
Since the process is similar for all three fields, I will show you an example using the feature in the Checkboxes Field.

First, Drag the field into the form and then click on it to see its Field Options. In the Field Options, you will see the Bulk Add link.

Clicking on it will reveal the Bulk Add option Input section.

Now, you have 3 ways to add the options.

1. You can copy and paste the options from any file where you have listed it out. Make sure that each of the options is on separate lines. Separating them with commas won’t help.

2. You can simply Add the choices from the provided Presets. Just Click on Presets and it will show you a list of category which has predefined options. You can directly add from there.

3. You can Manually Type them by breaking lines. Separating them with commas won’t work. Type one option hit enter, and then type another and follow so on. See example:

Finally, Click on the Add New Choices button, and the choices will be added and shown in the field options.

That’s all about Adding Bulk Choices.

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