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How to give a review to the Everest Form plugin

While using the Plugin, You might have a good experience with the plugin itself and the Support team. Such a wonderful experience might trigger you to leave a review towards the product to motivate the team behind it.

To give the review to the WordPress product you must have a WordPress account and must be logged in.

If you don’t have WordPress’s account, Please follow up the given process #
  • Go to the https://wordpress.org/.
  • Click on the “Register” button at the top corner.
  • Fill up the information  and verify your wordpress account as per suggestion given on the registration form. 
  • After you set up the account successfully. Now you can leave feedback to your favorite plugin.
Steps to Follow for Leaving a Review on Everest Form plugin #
  • Click on this Link
  • Logged in to submit the review.
  • Click on the “Add your own review” button and leave your wonderful experience with the plugin and team.

Note: Before you submit your review, make sure to follow the guideline as suggested by WordPress.org forums.

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