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Additional options for the Password fields. [Pro]

To change the Password settings, go to the Field Options. Here, you’ll see various options such as label, description, and required. Other than that there are three options for the Password field. 

Enable Password Confirmation: Enabling this option will add a Confirm Password field to your Password Field.

Enable Password Strength Meter: Enabling this option will show a password strength meter on the frontend of the form to the user input. There are two choices: Simple Text and Progress Bar. 

Simple Text

Progress Bar

Enable Show and Hide Password: Enabling this option will add the show and hide feature to your password field so that users can view or hide the entered password on the frontend.

Enable Password Validation: Everest Form introduces this feature to check a password validation which contained minimum characters of at least one lowercase letter, one uppercase letter, one numeric digit, and one special character.

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