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Custom Code Snippets

Here, you will find some custom code snippets for various functions that you won’t get on the available plugin settings. This list will keep on updating as we move forward.

Wanna know how to add custom code snippets to your site?

Add a new currency in Payments #

You will be able to add a new currency to the list of currencies available at Everest Forms > Settings >Payments.

add_filter( 'everest_forms_currencies', 'add_currencies' );
function add_currencies( $currencies ) {
$supported_currencies = array(
'INR' => array(
'name' => 'Indian Rupees',
'symbol' => 'INR',
'symbol_pos' => 'left',
'thousands_separator' => ',',
'decimal_separator' => '.',
'decimals' => 2,
return array_merge( $currencies, $supported_currencies);

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