Everest Forms Documentation

Step by step documentation to set up a form for your website.

Misc Settings

Remove Data On Uninstall #

When you enable the Uninstall Everest Forms option, all the data of the Everest Forms will be removed from your database once you have uninstalled the Everest Forms plugin.

Allow Usage Tracking #

You can enable this option to provide us with non-sensitive information about the plugin and add-on usage.

What is shared? #

Enabling this option will share the following information with the developers.

  • admin_email – Your email
  • website_url – Your site’s URL
  • wp_version – WordPress version of your site
  • php_version – PHP version of your site
  • mysql_version – MySQL version of your site
  • server_software – Software used on your server
  • is_ssl – Is your site SSL or not?
  • is_multisite – Is your site a multi-site platform?
  • is_wp_com – Is your site hosted on wordpress.com?
  • is_wp_com_vip – Is your site hosted on WordPress.com VIP?
  • is_wp_cache – Is WP Cache enabled?
  • multi_site_count – How many subsites are there if multi-site?
  • active_theme – Name of the active theme
  • active_theme_version – Version of the active theme
  • locale – Language and regional settings of your website
  • timezone – Time Zone Detail
  • activated plugins – List of the activated plugins
  • entry count: Total number of entries submitted by the users via Everest Forms
  • forms count: Total number of forms created with the Everest Forms plugin
We take the privacy of our users very seriously and we only collect the data mentioned (such as PHP version, SSL or not, WordPress plugins and themes used, etc) with their explicit consent. The collected data will be used for the improvement and compatibility testing of our plugins and add-ons. This data will help us to ensure that our plugins work seamlessly with different PHP versions, different plugins, and themes. The data will not be shared with any third-party and will be kept confidential and secure. Rest assured that your data is in good hands and will only be used to enhance your experience with our products.
Also, you will receive ocassional emails notifying you about the new features or recent security updates. 

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