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How to Add a Mailchimp Subscribe Checkbox?

Want to add an option that allows your customers to choose to Subscribe to your newsletter or other email services? No problem! With Everest Forms, you can easily create a confirmation checkbox so that the potential customers can opt-in to your mailchimp email service.

In this article, you’ll learn how to add a Mailchimp Subscribe Checkbox in forms using conditional logic. This gives users the choice of whether or not to subscribe to your newsletter or other email services.

So, follow the simple steps below to add a Mailchimp subscribe checkbox in your forms.

If you are new to conditional logic, you can check out our Beginner’s Guide to Conditional Logic.

Step 1: Set up Mailchimp #

First of all, you need to get your API Key from your Mailchimp account. Next, you need to set up your Mailchimp account on your site. So, Go to Everest Forms → Settings and Click on the Integration tab.

Here, you can see the Mailchimp integration with Everest Forms. On the left side, you can see the Add New Connection section. Now, you need to fill in your Mailchimp API Key and Mailchimp Nick Name. After that, click on the Connect to Mailchimp button.

Step 2: Create a Mailchimp Subscribe form #

Now, you can create a Mailchimp subscribe form with the fields that match with your Mailchimp List.

To insert the form field to your form, you just need to drag and drop the fields from the left side of the form builder.

Step 3: Create a Mailchimp subscribe checkbox #

Now, you need to add a Checkbox field for Mailchimp so that users can opt-in to subscribe to your newsletter.

First, you need to insert a Checkbox from the form builder and go to the Field Options. Then, you can change the checkbox choice to your desired text. You can also hide the label of the Checkbox.

Don’t forget to save changes to your form.

Step 4: Add Mailchimp Connection #

After you create the form, you need to connect your form to your Mailchimp list. So, go to the Integrations tab on top of the form builder and click on the Add New Connection button.

Now, you need to type in the name for your account.

Step 5: Select Mailchimp list #

Now, select your Mailchimp account, and select your Mailchimp audience list. After you select your list, the List Fields will appear. Then, you can match the Mailchimp List Fields with the form fields.

Furthermore, there are two options that you can apply.

Use double opt-in: After submitting the form the subscriber will receive a confirmation email to subscribe to your list.

Use conditional logic: You can use this option to add a condition for users to subscribe to your Mailchimp list.

Step 6: Add condition to the Maichimp Subscribe Checkbox #

Now, enable the Conditional Logic here. Then, you need to set the condition so that users are added only if they check the “Subscribe to our newsletter” option.

And, that’s it! Your users can have the option of whether or not to subscribe to your Mailchimp list.

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