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How to integrate the Everest Forms related capabilities for users, using third party plugins?

The WordPress user Roles and capabilities gives an admin the ability to control what other users can or cannot do on their site. This includes actions such as writing and editing posts, creating new pages, moderating comments, installing plugins, adding new users, and much more.

The feature to edit the user’s capabilities for Everest Forms, using third party plugins like Members, User Role Editor etc is now available in the Everest Forms Pro. Using this feature along with these third party plugins, you can now allow users of any role to perform particular/all actions related to Everest Forms like add,edit, delete, previews and much more. 

How to use this feature?

First of all, please install and activate the third party plugin to edit a user’s capabilities. After this, make sure you have the Everest Forms pro plugin activated. Follow the steps below to use this feature:

For the Members plugin:

  1. Please go to: Members > Roles. Choose an existing role and click on Edit. Also note that this can be done by creating a new role.
  2. After this, you will see a screen like the screenshot below. Here, please choose Everest Forms.
  3. Click on the Everest Forms to edit the capabilities of users for our plugin. Here, you can grant or deny the available capabilities. Please look at the screenshot below for reference.
  4. Once you have edited the capabilities, click on the update button and you are ready to go.

For User Role Editor plugin:

  1. Please go to: Dashboard > Users > User Role Editor. After this, you will be redirected to the editing screen. Please check the screenshot below for reference.
  2. On top, you will find an option to Select Role and change its capabilities. Please select the desired role for editing the capabilities. 
  3. Here, on the left hand side, you will see a column called ‘Group’. If you scroll down, you can find the Everest Forms(Total/Granted) where Total is the total number of capabilities that can be granted and the Granted is the actual number that has been granted. For example, in the screenshot above, you will see Everest Forms(14/3).
  4. After clicking on the Everest Forms, grant as many capabilities as you like and then click on Update. 

Note: If users won’t select (tick mark) any capability like Grant or Deny, then the capability will be denied as default.

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